Can you imagine a playful disc that actually hovers on a cushion of air? We did! Presenting the KICK IT/STICK IT™ Hover Action Air Puck, the amazing new disc that turns nearly any smooth surface into a sport court, indoors OR outdoors! Use it on low-pile carpeting, wood floors, sidewalks and driveways - there's just no end to the ways you can play!

With its powerful hover action, the KICK IT/STICK IT puck literally floats on a cushion of air! The puck's outer rim safely protects furniture and walls while allowing tough KICK IT/STICK IT play. Just switch it on, place it onto any smooth surface, and a simple kick propels the disc for fast sports action indoors or out:

KICK IT! Enjoy an exciting game of air hockey, air soccer or air bowling any time, anywhere!

STICK IT! Using a regular hockey stick, you can play full-scale traditional air hockey!

BOWL IT! With the Kick It/Stick It puck and a few empty plastic bottles, you can convert your hallway into a bowling alley!

Requiring no batteries, the puck includes a rechargeable Power Pack and AC Charger for up to 30 minutes of play on a single charge!

case weight 10.00 LBS case 1.13 CF
master dim 17,75 x 11,25 x 9,75 IN
indiv box 12,25 x 2,88 x 12,5 IN
out of box 7,5 x 7,5 x 2,5 IN
case pack 6
item num 5210
color Black upc 6-04020-05210-2