StarLight™ - There has never been a fiber optic light that does so much!

Can You Imagine pressing a button and watching your StarLight™ entertain you with 29 different lighting effects?

Can You Imagine choosing 1 of the 6 built-in Nature Sounds or New Age Music Environments to interact with your light show? We Did!

Press another button and choose to have your StarLight™ strobe or fade - you can even select the speed of the color changes!

Over 29 different functions at your fingertips plus 4 different speed controls.

You can also turn your StarLight™ into a Sound Soother with its own light show by simply choosing one of six built-in Nature Sounds or New Age Music Environments.

But wait, here's a really cool feature, press a button and watch in amazement as your StarLight™ begins to rotate and take on a whole new dimension.

There's more - your StarLight™ is removable from its legs so it can be used on a tabletop and completely wireless so it can be used anywhere.

Still more - press a button and your StarLight™ responds to Sound or Music, and YOU have complete control of the sensitivity and how it responds - extra sensitive for low music and less sensitive for loud music. StarLight™ is out of this world.

StarLight™ will become your favorite piece of home decor.

More than just a light and sound soother - it's furniture that entertains!

*Stands 4 feet tall in height
*29 different Lighting Effects
*Built-In Sound Soother (with interactive light show)
*3 Nature Sounds Environments
*3 New Age Music Environments
*Easy to use Electronic Control Panel
*Fiber Optics rotate with the push of a button
*Responds to Sound & Music
*Completely Wireless
*No unsightly wires - place it anywhere
*Easily removable legs allow for tabletop use
*Uses LED technology
*No light bulbs to burn out

Starlight Floor Model – Instruction Sheet.

case weight 24.45 LBS case 2.19 CF
master dim 16.75 x 16.75 x 13.5 IN
indiv box 8 x 5.25 x 12.5 IN
out of box 16.5 x 16.5 x 48 IN
case pack 6
item num 1256
color upc 6-04020-01256-4