Company Background
Can You Imagine develops, manufactures, and sells a broad range of innovative products through various from small independent specialty shops to the world\'s largest mass-market retailers.

The company maintains offices in both Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Market Size
Can You Imagine is considered by industry observers to be the leader in bringing creative products to market. In addition to lighting products, over the years the company has branched out into a number of other fields including clocks, toys, party, automotive, lawn and garden, and high tech executive gifts.

The company exhibits at over 20 trade shows annually throughout the world.

Current Product Line
Unlike many companies, Can You Imagine does not limit its products to tightly defined product categories. Rather, each product idea considered for development by the company is judged on its own merit and market potential.

If it is determined that the product can be successfully marketed, the company will move forward to develop the product, even if it does not conveniently fit into one of the company\'s existing product categories.

This philosophy has contributed to the company\'s success and very diverse range of products. Having stated this development philosophy, however, the company does incorporate a number of broad product categories into which most of its products fall. These categories include:

~ What's Hot
~ It's a Piece of Cake™
~ Pool
~ Gifts
~ Occasions
~ Holidays
~ Party
~ Toys
~ Home and Garden
~ Hall of Fame
~ Browse by Price
    and more...

lthough the number of new products can vary from year to year, the company takes a very aggressive stance with regard to the development of new products. In the past year, the company introduced over forty new items.

This is evidence of the company\'s unwavering commitment to investing in R&D and new product development. The company\'s wholesale price points range from $3.00 to $150.00 with the average being around $25.00.

Development of new products can range from six months to one year depending on the complexity of the item.

Development Capabilities
The company is especially proud of its product development capabilities. With highly skilled designers, engineers, and artists (all in house) the company is capable of conceiving, developing, and manufacturing products, from simple to very complex.

Advertising Programs
The company\'s products are routinely featured on television by QVC. These "On Air" promotions co-hosted by the company\'s own Steve Zuloff have proven so successful that QVC has implemented the "Can You Imagine Hour", a show that devotes an entire sixty-minute segment to selling the products of Can You Imagine. This television exposure has helped the company create a brand that is recognizable at retailers around the world.

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